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What to visit in Montreal when you charter a bus?

Montreal is the metropol in the province of Quebec and is the second-largest city in Canada after Toronto. This city is mainly French speaking is the cultural and business center of Quebec. Montreal is located in the southwest of the province of Quebec in Canada. The city proper covers most of the Island of Montreal at the confluence of the Saint Lawrence and Ottawa Rivers. Montreal is located near the United States and Ontario borders in Canada. Old Montreal is the historical neighbourhood in Montreal and is visited regularly by tourists.

Montreal is the second largest primarily French-speaking city in the world, after Paris.. It is the only French speaking metroopol in North America. Montreal has 3 time the population of Quebec City, the capital of the province of Quebec.

Montreal was the host of the universal expo in 1967 and the Olympic Game in 1976. Montreal is Canada's cultural centre and has many festivals and events such as Festival des Films du Monde de Montréal, du Festival international de jazz de Montréal, du festival Juste pour rire (Just fo Laughs), Festival Montréal en lumière and Formula 1 GP of Canada. he city's professional hockey team, the Montreal Canadiens, boast an NHL-record 24 Stanley Cup championships since its creation in 1909.

The city of Montreal proper had 1,7 millions inhabitants. Near 4 millions inhabitants live in the Montreal Census Metropolitan Area. In terms of mother language (first language learned), the 2006 census reported that in the Greater Montreal Area, 66.5% spoke French as a first language, followed by English at 13.2%, while 0.8% spoke both as a first language.[73] The remaining 22.5% of Montreal-area residents are allophones.

Here are some activities and places that you should not miss during your bus tour of Montreal:

Place d’Youville
Place d’Armes
Rue St-Paul
Rue Sainte-Catherine
Rue St-Denis
Boulevard Saint-Laurent
Mount Royal
Place Jacques-Cartier
Montreal's Olympic Stadium
Jardin Botanique
Basilique Notre-Dame
Oratoire Saint-Joseph

Travelling to a US destination (i.e. from Montreal to New York)
Any passenger travelling to a destination in the US must carry a valid passport or any other legal document required by the US and Canadian Customs.

For all your bus trip from Montreal to New York, Boston, Washinton or any other US cities, we strongly recommend that you get a personal insurance ( i.e. Blue Cross).

Bus safety measures to know

Advance Warning Signals, a New Safety Measure
School bus drivers now have to signal in advance before bringing a school bus to a stop.
The purpose of warning signals is to prepare oncoming traffic to slow down and to prevent vehicles behind a school bus from braking or accelerating suddenly.
Two steps to remember:
- Prepare to stop when a school bus's four amber warning lights or hazard warning lights are flashing.
- Bring your vehicle to a complete stop at least five metres away from a school bus when its red lights are flashing and the stop arm is extended.

Passing a school bus when its red lights are flashing is an offence that is liable to a penalty of 9 demerit points entered on your driving record and a $274 to $438 fine. These amounts are subject to change and include fines provided under the Highway Safety Code, registry fees and a contribution to IVAC, (other fees may apply).

Charter bus and group transportation users

Discover some practical advices which will avoid you discomfort and worries. The following objects will ensure you a better comfort throughout your trip on board of your charter bus. Especially, do not forget to take them with you on the bus because once arranged in the compartment with luggage, you wont't have access to them.

To take with you:

» Cushion (to sleep) on the bus

» Bottle of water

» Travel book and map (to visualize your itenary and to learn about your destination)

» MP3, helmet to listen to music and spare batteries

» Book t read during your trip on the bus

» Bag to carry your things

» Trousers and pullover

» Lunch

» Tooth brush and toothpaste

Practical advices for your trip by chartered bus

» Identify your luggage by writting your name, addresses and phone number (ex: Mrs bus, street busrental, Montreal, 514-844-0664)

» Bring all your personal effects at the end of the trip.

Each group has certain requirements for bus transportation, and keeping this in mind helps to ensure everyone's satisfaction. Here's a list of questions to consider before you contact us and rent a bus:

» What type and size vehicle, bus will you need?
» How many people will be traveling?
» What level of luxury or additional equipment will you need or desire?
» What is your travel itinerary?
» Who will be your contact for your group's charter needs?
» Will special accommodations need to be made for the bus driver on overnight trips?
» Will more than one bus driver be needed because of the length of the trip?
» Which is more important: service, cleanliness, comfort, luxury or price?


8 Tips before you charter a bus
Not all charter companies are the same and therefore other factors need to be considered in addition to price. To help you get all the service and reliability you want and need, we offer these tips for better chartering. We hope that they will help you prepare better quote request and keep your groups safe, comfortable, and satisfied:

1. Does your group have any special needs that must be met?

2. Clearly spell out your schedule and what is involved in detail.
Be sure the bus company knows what hours the bus driver must be available to the group, and if the bus driver must stay at the same hotel (for overnight trips).

3. Request that the company supply its licence numbers and certificate of insurance.

4. Request and contact references. Never charter from a bus company unwilling to provide references.

5. Ask the company's procedures for on-the-road emergencies. Check the opportunity to visit and see the bus, motor coach and garage of the company. One image says it all. Our office is located near the Montreal's Olympic Stadium.

6. Video-equipped coaches can be very useful. You can view educational videos or provide movies to help pass the hours.

7. Who pays for the bus driver's hotel room? Find out if the driver's room is included in the cost of the charter, or if you are responsible for it.

8. Who is responsible for extra mileage costs beyond the contracted amount? Find out the bus charter company's policy before the trip.

Don't hesitate to ask any questions you might have, we will be happy to make your bus rental, trip and tour as successful as possible.