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Why rent or charter a bus?

Organizing group travel is an amazing way for family members, friends of colleagues to bond together but organizing it is mind-bloggling.

So, here’s what you do if you wish to make your group travel a little easier. Wheter you are looking for a trip within Montreal, or you want to visit Quebec or any other destination in Canada or the US, rent a charter bus.

Contrary to popular beliefs, renting a charter bus is absolutely affordable. consider this, when you pool your money together, at the end of the day, you will not only save cost but also save on time, effort and environment. It cost less per person and you consume less fuel per person than by using an hybrid car.

Imagine relaxing in the comfort of the luxurious rented charter bus while the driver deals with the stress of battling the daily rush hour traffic and unknown cities.

Although the locals will have absolutely no problem whatsoever in taking public transportation, here’s another problem for out-of-towners…you are not familiar with the system.

It is, perhaps, some might contend, fine when you are bunch of friends who are apt in keeping your frustrations at bay but think about it, what happens when there are kids in your group? The frustration that the kids feel will, doubtlessly, dampen the mood of the grownups as well. So, do the right thing. Save yourself the headache. Call us today to rent a bus and get an affordable package for your trip from Montreal to Quebec City, Toronto, New York, Boston...